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Welcome to the Study Abroad Course Equivalency Search page! This page was created to make it as easy as possible to find Biology and other courses that you may want to take during a Study Abroad experience. Look for courses you need, or discover what courses are possible from the place you want to go!

You can use this page to search in one of three ways:

  1. By Program – choose a program from the list and see all the biology courses that have been approved at that institution
  2. By Purdue Course – choose a course from the list and see all the places where an equivalent course has been approved
  3. By Country – choose a country from the list and see all the biology courses that have been approved at different universities in that country

See your advisor if you have questions about the information listed here. Go study abroad!


  1. The database is meant as a tool to help students choose programs and courses but it should not be used without consultation with departmental and study abroad advisors.
  2. The courses listed aren’t the only courses available at the programs listed. Students will be able to earn biology credit for other courses offered.
  3. The programs listed are not the only programs a student may attend. There are many other programs with courses in the biological sciences that are eligible for credit – several of which are not listed here yet.
  4. Students should meet with their academic advisor, the departmental study abroad advisor, and an advisor from the study abroad office in order to determine what works best for them.
  5. Previous approval of a course does not mean a course will automatically be approved in the future. Due to changes in course design, learning objectives, instructors, etc, syllabi need to be submitted by each student for each course under consideration.

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